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Contemporary Living and Personal Style

Cars, clothes, and furnishings used to appear on predictable seasonal dates. Clothing and colors were announced in August magazines. New automobiles came out in September. If the Devil said to wear Prada, we did it! Prada or a really good knock-off.

Now, individuality is the norm as we fend for ourselves to define our personal styles.

New York Times readers are familiar with the Modern Love column, which draws us in with the nuances of love and relationships in our times. Unconventional. Untraditional. Messy. We see the emotional truths of life and love in our “modern” times. The same can be said for our living spaces. Contemporary isn’t just clean lines and monochromatic colors. It weaves in art and the latest technology for sound and wireless.

Many of us are confused about style. We are bombarded with choices in hair, makeup, and clothing. We want our homes and offices to be comfortable yet organized. We want professionalism and warmth. Family-friendly yet sophisticated. We want these places to be home to us and loved ones and professional to clients and customers.

Some people think they’re perfect clients handing me their Platinum Cards and saying, “Go for it!” But Contemporary Living is not one size fits all. You have to peel away the layers of what others have told you to find what works best for you.

To find your way of contemporary living, I need to ask questions. Do you imagine walking into a relaxing beige or pale hued home? Or maybe you want a big splash of color across an enormous canvas to energize the rest of your day.

Contemporary design – like modern love – sometimes is unconventional and sometimes sublime. A sleek leather couch can be the coziest spot paired with the right floor covering, pillows and throws. Replace old wood pieces with glass to allow light to flow through the room. Add beautiful artwork and there’s your contemporary living! Let us help you find your Contemporary Living style.