Giuseppe & Giuseppe Luna

Giuseppe & Giuseppe high-end upholstered offerings combine the most esthetically pleasing and superbly comfortable designs with the finest, earth-friendly materials. Here at Giuseppe & Giuseppe, there is one goal in mind: to quench customer’s desire for the ultimate in contemporary furnishings that will enhance modern, yet discerning lifestyle. You can be assured that each and every piece of Giuseppe & Giuseppe premium quality Italian-made furniture has been intricately crafted by Italy’s finest furniture artisans. Not only will the sleek, contemporary lines immediately speak to European sensibilities, but be prepared to feel astounded by the extra attention to detail in each uniquely luxurious style. Made in Italy
Manufacturer: Giuseppe & Giuseppe
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What makes this piece so very special is the adjustability. The seat-back and arms are adjustable. Structure: Pinewood, multilayer and iron covered with polyurethane foam. Spring system: Elastic webbing. Seat Padding: Ecologic polyurethane foam covered with 100% polyester layer. Back Padding: Ecologic polyurethane foam with different density covered with 100% polyester layer. Arm Interior: Ecologic polyurethane foam with different density covered with 100% polyester layer. Removability: Not available. Sewing: Leather coverings feasible with contrast stitchings in the colours available; cuts and sewings vary on microfibre (or fabric) coverings. Mechanisms: The model is equipped with backrests and armrests that can be manually adjusted (except for version 040), so that the seat depth can reach 107 cm and the seat width can be increased by 40 cm. The depth of the model with backrests positioned outward is 139 cm, the opening range of the armrest positioned outward is 40 cm. Version 041/042 is equipped only with n. 1 backrest that can be manually adjusted, all the backrests of version D11/D12 can be manually adjusted, the width of this version with backrest positioned outward is 261 cm. Standard feet: Shiny steel PM672, h 12 cm. Some versions may be equipped with hidden feet with a supporting structural function.