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Simplicity of Design

“Going green”. This has become the most popular trend in America. Yes it took us a while to catch on, but it’s finally here. Many European countries are years ahead in the seemingly inevitable transition to a cleaner environment. The American Culture is embracing this change for the better of both community and the individual. Preserving natural resources and reducing the carbon footprint on Mother Nature is great for everyone. Cleaner living allows for healthier lifestyles and reduced disease.
We follow suit to the European’s in other aspects as well. Take contemporary furniture for example. Have you ever noticed it is often referred to as a “European look”? It should be no surprise that the newer Eco-friendly homes being built require a contemporary look. Think about the philosophy behind both. The Eco-friendly approach requires the preservation of our environment by using less of our resources. Now look at contemporary designs in furniture. They too are based on “cleaner lines” and a “less is more” preference in life. These two go hand in hand. Homes are free from clutter and non-essential Items, resulting in fewer resources being consumed.
Let’s face it, “big and bulky” and “the bigger the better” are no longer trends in mainstream America. From cell phones and computers to commercial buildings the “in style” is sinuous. The Furniture industry is no different. These days, it is all about a sleek look and minimalistic design. Let us help you design and furnish your home. Call us at 561-318-6014.