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Updating Your Space for Spring

Pops of color are sure to jazz up your home decor this spring. Bright colors and prints are back in vogue in all types of home furnishings. Contemporary style lends itself well to how color can amplify superior design.
There are many ways to add color to your contemporary decor. Generally speaking, bright colors should be added in measured doses so as not to overwhelm the space. Color can be added in the form of texture to floor coverings, pillows, throws, and, of course, art work.
Many contemporary couches and chairs come in an array of neutral colors. Pillows and throws, even lampshades, can be added in a mix of solids and prints to add warmth to the coolness of leather seating or chrome or glass tables. Shaggy pillows, poufs, and rugs remain very popular for spring. Be thoughtful about the prints you choose and pair them to your wall coverings.
Floral fabrics have roared back into popularity. Tropical patterns also are very popular. Choose patterns that lend themselves to contemporary styling. Geometric shapes, ikat prints, or stripes also are at home on contemporary couches and chairs. Be careful not to mix too many bright patterns together. Choose colors that sing “spring!”
Oversized artwork is gaining in popularity. Large canvases can tie in multiple colors from across a room. An upbeat brightlycolored piece in a living or dining room can lift everyone’s mood. More muted tones or sharp pastels work well in sleeping areas.
Accessories are perhaps the most easily updated items seasonally. Dark and heavy tablecloths or placemats and runners should be cleaned and put away when spring comes calling. Choose sophisticated, sleek textured mats for your table with glass table top items.
Fresh flowers and spring plants are an easy way to chase away the last chill of winter and usher in more sunshine and warmth. Choose clear glass vases in interesting shapes and sizes that make a statement. Lilies and daffodils are the most classic cut spring flowers but consider hyacinths, tulips, and daisies which bring smiles to everyone who enters the room. Cut branches of forsythia or azaleas or a pile of lilacs. A lot of one or a mix of many. Nothing says spring like flowers!